I have classes in Launceston and Lifton.

Class details are are as follows but come along at anytime – all levels from complete beginner to experienced Tai Chi players:

Launceston Tuesday evening Tai Chi class at St Mary’s Church Hall class 7pm,  Sensing hands class 8.15. Beginners welcome.

Launceston Wednesday morning Form class, 10am, Sword class 11.15am. Intermediate and advanced.

Friday am QiGong class at 10am at Lifton Community Centre. All welcome, including complete beginners.

All classes cost £10, though there is a reduction for block booking for regular people.

What do you need to start?

Feel free to come along and try Tai Chi or QiGong. You need flat shoes (or warm socks) and loose’ish clothing. The classes are informal, fun and the exercise level gentle, though you will get stronger legs! If you want any further information about classes do not hesitate to get in touch or simply turn up! I also specialise in one to one private tuition. I can also teach groups with individual needs, such as seated work in Care Homes or exam stress busting sessions in schools or any bespoke sessions.

Launceston Day Class Launceston Evening class
St Mary’s Hall in Launceston, Cornwall. St Mary’s Hall in Launceston, Cornwall.
Wednesdays:10.00 am start – 11.15 am finish (75 minute class)

Sword form Class 11.14 – 11.45

Tuesdays:7.00 pm start – 8.15pm finish QiGong Advanced Class 8.30 to 9.00 pm Sword form and fencing
Suitable for all beginners, ages, abilities – gentle Tai Chi exercises, QiGiong (eight silk brocades) and learning  the Chen Man Ching short form.  Again suitable for beginners, we have a QiGong class followed by a Short Form run-though and Sword class after.
Cost: £10 (£40 for block of five) Cost: £10 (£40for block of five)

Private tuition: I provide private tuition one to one or one to two as well as bespoke groups and can provide lessons for people who wish to start teaching themselves. Please get in touch if you would like any further information and we can arrange something.

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